Pete's Tables Beauty with an Edge
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My name is Pete and I love to make live edge furniture. I recently sold the picnic table business so I could concentrate on artfully created live edge pieces.

"Live Edge" is furniture that retains a portion of the natural tree edge and can result in some incredible designs and awe-inspiring pieces.

I've been working with Live Edge for years and have created pieces for homes, offices and retail establishments. Our specialty is to match the natural qualities in the wood with the character of the space in which it will live.

Tables of all kinds, headboards, wall sculptures - the possibilities are as great as your imagination.

Chances are you've seen live wood in designer showrooms in places like San Francisco. We make the same stuff at a fraction of the cost. Seriously, a fraction. So, don't expect a fancy showroom.

I generally work by appointment only so call or text me at 707.293.7183 or drop me an e-mail. You’re welcome at the shop any time you’d like to stop by, but I  don’t promise I’ll be there unless I know you’re coming.

We accept orders from throughout North America and we’re glad to provide a crating and shipping estimate with our furniture quote.

Pete's Tables. Beauty with an edge. For less.


email: • phone: 707.293.7183